Find the 20% of customers that bring 80% of sales

Multiply sales, capture more market share and lower marketing costs, Boost your sales and marketing with ACCELERATE

Integrated approach: Satoba's sales and marketing services provide a unique blend of strategy, actionable programs, and practical knowledge that produce quick wins.

Client focused: Our assessment begins with a comprehensive review of your marketing. We work closely with you every step of the way to deliver results on time and within budget.

Action oriented: Each project has a specific set of deliverables tailored to your needs. They are designed to produce results and build confidence.

Latest scientific research in mindfulness and connection to performance in business: Research has shown an incredible connection between the heart and brain that can significantly improve not only the quality of our lives but also boost performance at work.  Mindfulness has been gaining grounds in business circles, and a some business schools are developing programs through the leadership of professors like Ben Bryant at IMD, Bill George at Harvard, and Jeremy Hunter at the Drucker School of Management. READ MORE...

B2B technology marketing services

  • Marketing analytics

    Better understand patterns and behaviors of your customers to develop programs that reach out to your top prospects. We understand the challenges of data can be overwhelming to most companies that's why we have developed a process to analyze the top 20% of data that can affect 80% of sales.
  • Targeted marketing

    We define your target market in terms of your customers' needs. The importance of an effective target marketing strategy is clear but often challenging to define and implement. We can help you create a roadmap to growth.
  • Lead generation

    Lead generation is the cornerstone of business development. We develop actionable programs tailor made for your business that can significantly increase quality leads. Is your marketing generating sufficient quality leads to propel your business forward? Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Internet and digital marketing

    Internet and search technology has become a key contributor to businesses success. A strong Internet presence can literally make the difference between mediocre and outstanding results. We help define and develop Internet and digital programs that can move the needle for your business. 123